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What is the fit like on Tron Lightcycle / Run?

Updated: May 21

Tron Lightcycle / Run's innovative ride vehicles have led to questions regarding how some guests might experience the attraction. After extensive testing in our own party and feedback from others, we have some insight on how different guests might best engage with the attraction's vehicles.

How do the test vehicles work?

There are test vehicles located near the entrance to the attraction's plaza. They are primarily for photo opportunities and are not a one-to-one replica of the ride, but they are close enough so as to allow guests to test the vehicle shape and mechanics. Those who just barely miss a fit on these vehicles—as dictated by the locking mechanism behind the calves—may still fit on the attraction proper.

Those who do not fit on either version of the bike, or who do not wish to ride or try the fit for any reason, can request a seated cart located at the back of every other ride vehicle from cast members in the queue.

Who can fit?

A guest in our party standing at 6 feet one inch tall fit on the ride vehicle with plenty room to spare. In conversation with other guests, we estimate those around 6 feet 7 inches tall will still be able to fit, albeit more tightly.

Weight is not an outright qualifier in regards to who will and will not fit on the attraction, as it is rather contingent on whether or not the leg-locking mechanism behind the calves can securely lock into place. In order to secure the best possible fit, we recommend all guests lean all the way forward, place their knees and shins flat on the provided guard, and press the flats of their feet against the wheel at the back of the bike. Doing so provides for the maximum amount of space between the legs and the locking mechanism.

Though the test vehicles are not an identical replica of the official ride vehicle, they work much the same and are a perfect way to test the best-fit technique for those who are worried about experimenting with it in the loading bay.

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