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Disney continues to add more to the parks in small ways with the Haunted Mansion

Updated: May 16

Through photo opportunities and new shows like the The Muppets Present…Great Moments in American History and Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, Walt Disney World® Resort has continued to add new ways to enjoy the parks without having to spend the time or FastPass+ on a marquee attraction.

The newest example of this is several PhotoPass opportunities being introduced on April 13 that all center around the Haunted Mansion® Attraction. There is a new Animated Magic Shot and photo prop just outside the exit, and a photographer near the hearse with a special photo opportunity.

These new photo spots include an opportunity to get the Hatbox Ghost in your picture, a character only seen in the ride’s version in California.

These PotoPass spots stretch out farther than the attraction’s location, however, as there are additional spots near Memento Mori and the Liberty Square Riverboat.

The Cadaver Dans, a special barbershop quartet made famous by Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, are set to appear after dark as well.

What makes these experiences so cool, aside from the fact that they add to the life and atmosphere of the park, is that these are small excursions that do not take significant time away from major attractions and shows. They are the perfect way to duck away from long lines and large crowds in the busiest part of the day and could be vital during Disney’s continued expansion.

It is impossible to mention such an expansion without talking about the upcoming addition of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, as the new land is one of the most highly anticipated openings in Disney history. It’ll be interesting to see how Disney will compensate for the additional crowds, and these smaller events could be a good indication of what is to come.

Regardless, new PhotoPass opportunities and bits of entertainment are always welcome, both making the parks feel more alive and give guests who don’t want to wait in lines something else to do. They’re awesome additions, and hopefully, there will continue to be more in the future.

Featured image ©Disney.

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