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Myranda Duet

Myranda Duet

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Hey Y’all~!

My name is Myranda Duet and I reside in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Home of the LSU Tigers!! I have been a property manager for 11 years and love what I do because I get to meet new people everyday.

I am the proud mom of a 14 year old (going on 25) and a very new 4 ½

month old. I am married to my better half and my “enjoy the fun in life” partner.

Disney is our love language!!! We have our trips planned to a “T” to get

in all that this magical place has to offer. I will never forget the look on

my daughter’s face when she experienced the bippity boppity

boutique. That will definitely make the slide show at her future wedding! (way, way in the future!)

I cannot wait to help you make new memories with every trip! From

the Hoopty Doo review, the firework shows, parades, Avatar rides, and all The Toy Story friends!!

The best part of my services is that they are FREE! I can’t wait to get you started with your magical experience.

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