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Gabrielle Frazee

Travel Advisor

My name is Gabrielle (Gabby) Frazee. I live in Zachary, Louisiana with my wonderful husband and two amazing daughters. My love for all things Disney started when I was a child, and I have passed my passion onto my babies (and my husband). My husband and I had never been to Disney World together, so we decided what better way to do it than to spend our honeymoon at the happiest place on earth- reliving our childhood memories and making new ones to hold for a lifetime. 

When we arrived, the security guard at the gate told us “Welcome home.” I started tearing up and realized, “This is what it’s about- making you feel at home.” Casting away every worry and care and just being a kid again. That’s all Walt wanted when he created his wonderful world of Disney. 

Because of my affinity for WDW, my husband encouraged me to look into becoming a travel planner. Thanks to this wonderful opportunity, I am able to plan magical vacations that create a lifetime of cherished memories for you and your family. My services are completely free, and I can’t wait to make you feel at home wherever you decide to venture!

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