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Your guide to the Disney World restaurants with limited Lion King menus

As Disney’s new version of The Lion King nears theaters, Walt Disney World® Resort has been offering special menu items at and near Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park.  All the items are available until the end of the summer.

Tamu Tamu

Set within Harambe Village and already known for its ice cream, refreshing treats are the centerpiece of the special menu here.

  1. Simba Ice Cream Sandwich: It’s a classic, ice cream loaded in between two chocolate chip cookies, and decorated with a picture of the new film’s Simba. He’s got a chocolate mane and tail to boot.

  2. Simba’s Sunset Dole Whip: One of the most renown treats in all of the Disney theme parks, this version is elevated with a red syrup that combines watermelon and coconut flavors.

  3. King’s Cooler: See the dole whip above, but load it with rum.

Shave Ice Cart

Keeping up with the refreshing theme in the summer heat, this stand is located near Harambe Market.

  1. Asante Slush: It’s like the other shaved ice offered here, but adds a new flavor by combining watermelon and passionfruit-mango.

Dawa Bar, Harambe Market, Boneyard Bar

  1. Serengeti Sangria: This special red sangria is easy to access, as it is available at three separate locations.

Anandapur Bus and Trilo-Bites

  1. Bugs ‘n Grub Waffle Cone: Served in a green waffle cone, this chocolate soft-serve ice cream is topped with gummy worms, a chocolate beetle and cookies and cream crumbles.

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co.

  1. Lion’s Latte: All Joffrey’s stands in the park offer this white-chocolate-and-coconut latte, hot or iced, with the option of Simba latte art on top.


Located in Discovery Island, this pizza-centric quick service location also offers several desserts.

  1. Simba Cupcake: Topped with buttercream frosting, this yellow vanilla cupcake is filled with white chocolate mousse, and decorated with an edible picture of the cartoon Simba’s head and his frosted mane.

Tusker House Breakfast

This buffet-style restaurant is located in the Africa portion of the park.

  1. Simba and Nala waffles: Just like Mickey waffles, but with a special theme for the celebration.

Jiko — The Cooking Place

This all-star restaurant is located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

  1. Already one of Disney’s best restaurants, Jiko added a limited-time pre fixe menu that’s more elegant than all of the other options. A fully fledged dining experience, the meal includes an exclusive appetizer, entrée, dessert and a small surprise at the end.

Featured image  ©Disney.

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