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Walt Disney World Railroad closure is a sign of things to come

Updated: May 16

Starting yesterday, Dec. 3, the Walt Disney Railroad has undergone a temporary closure. It’s a necessary action for the construction of the upcoming Tron coaster, as part of the track crosses where a portion of the coaster’s building will need to be built.

This means that it’ll probably be a pretty lengthy downtime for one of Walt’s original creations, and shortly after the railroad will come a refurbishment for the Tomorrowland Speedway, the track of which will also have to undergo a slight alteration. The speedway, which isn’t set to close until Jan. 2, 2019, has already been scheduled to reopen on May 18, 2019. Disney has yet to announce an opening date for the railroad, though, so it’s safe to assume that it might be closed for quite a while longer.

This change marks the next step in the upcoming phase of changes to Walt Disney World® Resort ahead of its 50th anniversary in 2021.

It’s not all bad news for the current state of the railroad, though, as during its downtime guests can have the opportunity to visit the train station at the front of Magic  Kingdom® Park and get an up-close look at the train. It’s a unique opportunity to grab one-of-a-kind pictures and see parts of Walt’s creation that can’t always been seen on a typical ride, and should be a treat for those guests who are more inclined to the historical side of the parks.

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