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Updated Disney Cruise Line COVID vaccine and testing requirements

Updated: May 20

Disney Cruise Line has recently updated its vaccination requirements for children. As cruise lines begin to alter vaccine requirements, understanding coronavirus-related procedures is one of the most essential parts of the pre-cruise checklist.

The Change

Beginning Sept. 1, 2022, guests ages 12 and above will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. This is different from the current requirements, which mandates guests five and above be vaccinated.

According to Disney's website, Disney Cruise Line uses guidance from the CDC and the World Health Organization to accept the following vaccine types: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Covishield, Novavax, Sinopharm BBIBP-CorV (VeroCell), Sinovac-CoronaVac and Covavaxin (Bharat Biotech).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines fully vaccinated as 14 days after receiving one of the following: A single dose of an accepted 1-dose vaccine The second dose of an accepted 2-dose vaccine The full series of an active (not placebo) COVID-19 vaccine in the US-based AstraZeneca or Novavax COVID-19 vaccine trials The second dose of any “mix and match” combination of accepted COVID-19 vaccines (administered at least 17 days apart)

Guests ages 18 and older must individually create an account associated with their reservation(s) on the Inspire Diagnostics Safe Passage website and upload their proof of vaccination and negative COVID-19 test result. Registration for the site is available 15 days prior to sailing. We recommend submitting vaccination information as soon as possible to give the Inspire Diagnostics team time to approve necessary documents and to avoid having to prepare those documents at port.

Pre-cruise Testing

Along with the vaccination requirement, Disney requires guests to test independently for COVID-19 prior to boarding any of their ships.

Guests not fully vaccinated are to order a Safe Passage at-home PCR test from the Safe Passage website. Tests must be completed and mailed back 3 days before sailing.

Guests who are fully vaccinated can take a proctored, Safe Passage at-home antigen test or a test by an independent testing provider (note: rapid antigen tests must be proctored, but PCR tests can be done by own self). Test results can be uploaded to the Safe Passage website no later than midnight prior to embarkation day. The sooner tests are taken, the more time Safe Passage has to approve them. Tests cannot be taken more than two days prior to embarkation. It is recommended guests bring a hard copy of test results to port, as if the results are not approved on time or there is a complication, they can be manually approved at port.

Inspire Diagnostics offers testing sites near the cruise terminal. PCR tests must follow the same requirements as the at-home PCR testing.

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