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Top 5 Walt Disney World Resort dark rides

Dark rides are a genre all their own, as their set indoors with haunting and magical atmospheres unlike any other. Walt Disney World® Resort does dark rides better than any other theme park in the world, and here’s the five best:

  1. Frozen Ever After

The newest attraction on the list, the Frozen-themed ride understands how to translate the dark idea into the modern era of attractions well. From an incredible queue, to an awesome musical numbers, to jaw-dropping animatronics, it melds technology into something that has been phenomenal for decades.

4. Haunted Mansion® Attraction

There’s nothing not to love about Disney’s darkest attractions, but the way it uses it special effects to highlight the classic dark ride’s strongest moments is truly something special. While the technology itself has aged, it looks anything but new, which is perhaps its greatest feat. It is always impressive, and it looks like the technology behind the ride’s design will always remain cutting-edge.

  1. Peter Pan’s Flight®Attraction

Another attraction that gets better with age, this ride oozes nostalgia, even if it’s your first time riding. There is an undeniable charm laced through each of the ride’s scenes, with bursts of color that make it worth the FastPass+ every time.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean®Attraction

One of Disney’s greatest attractions ever deserves one of the highest honors as being among its best dark rides, too. There is no dark, dank atmosphere quite like this one, and as the trend in dark rides has frequently shown, the older attractions often do it best. This one mixes just enough thrill in with its storytelling to make the slow, heavily-themed dark ride exciting and energizing.

  1. Spaceship Earth

I’ll spare you the multi-thousand-word essay I have on Disney’s best dark ride, but Epcot®’sicon does what Disney has done so beautifully in the past: melds world culture, education and theme parks together. This one is nothing short of fascinating, and it upcoming update is only set to make it even more so.

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