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Top 5 Disney World snacks

Updated: May 16

It is no revelation that Walt Disney World® Resort’s snacks have become as iconic as the rest of the food, with popcorn carts at every corner and limited, picture-worthy treats always cropping up. With so many new snacks and classics, which ones are the must-haves?

  1. Mickey Mouse Rice Krispies Treats

There is no better snack to use those last-minute, still-remaining dining plan snack credits on. They last for a while, and make for a great, sugar-loaded burst of nostalgia. They’re sold individually or in multiple packs, perfect for any budget or any craving.

  1. Zebra Domes

Zebra Domes are best found at various dining locations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Cakes surrounded by white chocolate and loaded with  Amarula Cream Liqeuer Mousse.This adult snack is exactly as indulgent as it sounds, and it comes in packs of four, enough to share.

Or, you know, just keep them all for yourself. It’s what I would do.

  1. Lumpia

This spring roll-like crust loaded with cream cheese and pineapple is simple and phenomenal. Available in Pandora, it packs just the right amount of sweetness for an early morning snack.

  1. Popcorn Buckets

Okay, okay, I know popcorn buckets aren’t snacks. It should go unsaid, but please do not eat plastic. It’s hard to think the custodial workers would relish the opportunity to clean that mess up.

In all seriousness, Disney’s popcorn buckets should be lauded as one of the best values for snacks, with buckets costing around $10, and refills only costing $1.75. It’s just the right affordable, quick-bite for walking between attractions or waiting to get on them.

  1. Dole Whip

It would be criminal to list any other snack as Disney’s best, as it’s the perfect sweet, refreshing treat no matter the time of year. A simple combination of pineapple juice and ice cream (either pineapple in Magic Kingdom® Park or vanilla in Disney’s Polynesian VillageResort), and is unbeatable in the Florida heat.

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