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Things every hardcore Disney fan loves

Updated: May 16

There’s a ton of stuff for new and returning Walt Disney World® Resort guests to find and fall in love with on vacation, but for hardcore fans, there are a handful of smaller things that create the magic in every vacation.

Must Do Disney

Like nearly all hotels, Disney’s have televisions with the standard selection of channels, but there are also proprietary channels that feature content exclusive to Walt Disney World resort. There’s useful information about park operation hours, the Disney Vacation Club, and details on the resort you’re staying at, but the big takeaway for hardcore fans is Must Do Disney, a channel dedicated to showing off the best and most popular attractions at the theme parks.

Despite the knowledge of everything covered in the looping show, there’s something about the nostalgia-ridden show with Stacy, the fan-favorite host, that keeps guests tuning back to the channel.

Hotel Lobbies

We’ve spoken at length before on resort hopping and the many reasons why it makes for such a great experience, but it’s experiencing the lobbies of Disney’s biggest resort hotels that make them so exciting. Each one is carefully laced with intricate designs that are authentic to the resort’s inspirations. There’s so much to be discovered in every corner of every lobby that frequent guests can find themselves spending hours just sitting in them.

People Watching

Not an exclusive term to Disney, people watching involves much of the same idea brought up about hotel lobbies, as it’s just relaxing in an area and soaking in all of the sights and sounds as people stroll by.

It’s a fun way to step out of the crowd of the parks, too. Grabbing a bench or a table and enjoying the scenery and strolling crowds might seem like an odd way to spend time in a theme park, but for hardcore fans, it’s one of the best ways to experience Disney.

The Scents

If you’re around a Disney fanatic often, you’ve likely heard of them talk about the many smells that are pumped around the parks and hotels. There are off-brand candle shops that try to replicate some of Disney’s most iconic smells, as the emotional attachment to the parks’ most famous smells can bring back the best memories.

If you’re new to the idea of scents being one of the most recognizable elements of the parks, some of the fan-favorites are that of the Pirates of the Caribbean® Attraction water, the smell of the Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa lobby, and the classic, sugary air of the Confectionary on the Main Street, U.S.A.® Area.

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