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The three rides with the best views of Magic Kingdom® Park

There are plenty of attractions that give you great views of the parks, and Disney’s most iconic park has a few of its own. A lot of them have become popular picture and relaxation spots, and they all give a different view of the area, some high, some low.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

The PeopleMover has become a bit of a cult favorite among Disney superfans. While the sky-high Astro Orbiter might seem like the obvious pick from the Tomorrowland® Area, the PeopleMover gets you up close and personal with the entirety of the land and all of its attractions. It’s such a unique way to see a section of the park that it’s almost as if there should be one in every land.

Liberty Square Riverboat

This slow-moving, extended tour through the Rivers of America gives you all sorts of views of Magic Kingdom®Park with angles that aren’t possible to get from anywhere else. If you ride it in the evening, just before it closes for the day, you can catch a sight of the park during sunset and, depending on the time of the year, as soon as the night sky strikes. It’s the perfect way to see large portions of Magic Kingdom® just as the nighttime lights click on. This attraction opened the day after Walt Disney World® Resort did, and while Walt Disney passed before the park ever opened, it’s a great place to capture a small slice of his vision for the Florida Project.

Splash Mountain® Attraction

This ride has become infamous for its drop and the photos it takes of guests on the way down, but part of what makes it special is the view at the top. Right before guests get plummeted down the 50-foot drop, they’re treated to one of the most spectacular views of the park, with Cinderella Castle, Space Mountain® Attraction, and Disney’s Contemporary Resort stretching out in the distance.

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