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The cannot-skip dining spots in Disney Springs

Updated: May 16

Disney Springs has evolved far from its days as Downtown Disney and is now a marquee destination for guests. There’s a lot to do and see now, so much so that it could warrant multiple visits over the course of a vacation. Experiencing all that Disney Springs has to offer will likely take tons of trips, so don’t be nervous if you can’t hit everything on the first try.

Among the many shops and activities of Disney Springs are loads of restaurants and dining locations. It’s almost impossible to go wrong at any of the areas dining spots, but there are a few in particular that you cannot let slip under your radar.

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

There’s an unbelievable number of restaurants in Disney Springs, and almost all of them are of the utmost quality. There are a bunch of options for different cravings and flavor profiles, such as the upcoming Spanish flavors of Jaleo by José Andrés, the Asian cuisine of Morimoto Asia and its quick service steet food counterpart, the rooftop dining about Paddlefish, and the authentic Irish pub of Raglan Road. Yet, among these options lies one of Walt Disney World® Resort’s best restaurant’s, Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’.

All of the ingredients at the Florida-inspired restaurant are sourced locally, down to the homemade hot sauce on each table. It’s all classic comfort food with unique and fun twists, and the food is so outstanding that you’ll be rethinking the way you make your favorite fried chicken recipe at home. Disney Springs is overflowing with fantastic places to eat, and chief among them is the restaurant most focused on the state its located in.

D-Luxe Burger

D-Luxe Burger is on the pricier side of quick service dining locations, but its price is met with quality and quantity. The enormous and flavor-packed burgers are perfect for sharing with someone else if you want to go cheaper and lighter, especially if you’ve got another big meal planned for later in the evening, or they’re more than good enough to take down on your own. All of the burgers in the regular rotation are great and offer a good variety of flavors, but the biggest standouts are the seasonal burgers that occasionally pop up on the menu. There’s also a full suite of dipping sauces for the fresh-cut fries, and the restaurant’s got a great atmosphere and a fair amount of outdoor seating to boot.

If you want to really indulge at D-Luxe, it’s hard to go wrong with any of the restaurants gelato milkshakes, including those made special for adults that feature alcohols like bourbon and Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur.

Vivoli il Gelato 

Speaking of gelato and milkshakes, Vivoli il Gelato is the specialty spot that’s perfect for grabbing something sweet. The small shop offers cups and cones of gelato and sorbetto, but the highlight is its array of milkshakes.

There’s almost always a rotating seasonal option or two, but the best thing on the menu is the ever-present cannoli shake. The cannoli gelato shake, topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, crushed cannoli shells, and pistachios sits inside of a chocolate-dipped waffle cone. If the famous (and delicious!) Sprinkles Cupcakes isn’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, then one of the most sought-after milkshakes on property should do it.

The dining locations above barely scratch the surface of what Disney Springs has to offer. On top of all the incredible dining are more affordable and equally-as-good food trucks, the build-your-own Blaze Pizza, and the new original Chicken Guy. Where each step you take leads to another great dining location, Disney Springs is undoubtedly one of the best spots on property to grab great food.

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