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The best value quick service restaurants in Walt Disney World Resort

Updated: May 16

The average recommended price range for a meal at a Walt Disney World® Resort quick service restaurant is $15, but there are meals, and entire restaurants, across property that cost significantly less. Knowing where to get the best quality, quantity and prices for quick service can elevate the dining experience and make it a memorable part of your vacation.

Woody’s Lunch Box

One of the newest additions to Disney’s Hollywood Studios® is one of its most affordable. Quality food options and heavy portions for all three meals. Price ranges vary, and while nearly all of the options fall far under the $15 recommendation, the totchos, made famous by California’s Disneyland® Resort, are one of the best value food items in all of the parks. At $9 and an enormous portion, it’s a great meal item at a good price.

Sleepy Hollow

Located in Magic Kingdom® Park, this corner refreshment shop has become known for its waffle sandwiches. Different options contain fresh fruit and hazelnut, breakfast foods and a spicy chicken patty. All of them fall under $11, and are enough to serve as a full meal all on their own.

Tangerine Café

This Moroccan quick service location in Epcot® has higher prices than what’s typical, by the sheer portion size justifies the price on its own, with dishes that could certainly be sharable for some parties. The shawarma platters, sitting at both $15 and $16,  offer some of the highest quality quick service options with insane amounts of food.

Satu’li Canteen

When talking value for quality and portion size, no food in Disney’s Animal Kingdom® comes close to the Avatar-themed restaurant. A build-your-own bowl menu offers customization at a level that few quick service locations can, and offer a quality of ingredients and flavor that challenge that of some table service restaurants.

Chicken Guy

The chicken tender restaurant in Disney Springs was designed around affordability, and sees price points in line with many popular fast food restaurants. The quality of food is certainly on par with that of the better comparable fast food joints, and the dozens of sauce options takes the signature sauce trend that so many similar restaurants hang their hat on to a new level.

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