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The best times to plan a Walt Disney World Resort vacation for 2022

Updated: May 20

Walt Disney World® Resort vacation packages are now available for 2022, meaning there are few better times than now to begin looking ahead at next year's vacation calendar. While typical off-times during the school year makes for a great vacation time for families, especially in terms of climate.

The ideal time is to find the perfect balance between crowd levels and climate. With the Most Magical Celebration on Earth commemorating Walt Disney World Resort's 50th celebration all year, finding the time to enjoy all of Disney's special offerings feels more essential than ever.

Here's what we recommend taking a look at:


The middle of February sits right after the spring's two biggest runDisney weekends. The run weekends are incredible, community-building events that are perfectly suited for those with even a fledgling interest, but crowd levels do often smooth out a bit following them. Mid-February combines that time with some of Florida's best climate all year, making for one of the best times to plan a vacation.

Early April

The sweet spot in between the spring breaks of March and the Easter breaks of mid-late April provides for a great balance between crowd levels and beautiful Florida weather. Though not as cool in climate as the first months of the year, it does move away from the crowds of early-year holidays and race weekends.


September brings a busy time for the school year, which means lower waits as Florida's heat starts to slack ever so slightly. Fall decorations throughout property, Halloween parties and the Epcot® International Food and Wine Festival bring some of Disney's best events to a time where all other conditions in Walt Disney World Resort are great.


New Year's Eve is typically the busiest day of the year for the parks, but the gap between Christmas Day and the turn of the year creates a softer period full of holiday magic and celebrations—combined with the 50th anniversary—that is unlike that anywhere else.

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