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Should you visit Galaxy’s Edge if you aren’t a Star Wars fan?

It is no secret that Star Wars is one of the best-selling film franchises of all time, complete with unique merchandise, novels, and spinoffs. The fandom has an opportunity to grow with each new installment, but there are of course many who are not naturally inclined to the science fiction franchise.

With the new Galaxy’s Edge, themed off of the films, ready to open in Anaheim and on the way to Orlando soon, it is fair for those who don’t adore Star Wars to wonder if the new land is worth their time.

And it absolutely is.

Outside of the roaming characters, life-sized ships and build-your-own lightsabers and droids, there’s plenty for those who are not enormous fans of the franchise.

The sheer ability of the land to immerse you in its environment is sure to be one of the biggest talking points for all guests. There’s no mention of Disney or the parks once you step inside, with plenty of Earth brands and phrases being left behind in the rest of the parks, too. Almost any visible portion of the parks has blended into the background of the alien planet Batuu, with no additional structures visible from the ground level.

The technology of the land aids in that immersion, bringing in some of Disney’s most impressive and detailed animatronics  to date. Characters interact as you walk in their shop and work as you pass through their restaurants.

And speaking of restaurants, dining has become one of the most highly anticipated aspects of the new land, an undeniable boon for those who might not adore Star Wars quite as much as everyone else. From wraps roasted over the open flame of a detached ship engine to unique flavors of popcorn, there are different levels of food fit for different palettes and appetites.

And of course last, but not least, is the new marquee attraction, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. While fans of the franchise are certain to get an extra bit of excitement, the ability to pilot, man the guns or play engineer on a spacecraft presents opportunities unlike guests have ever seen. The outcome of the ride depends solely on the decisions of the riders, meaning there’s a different experience every single time.

Of course, there is always going to be a ton of extra magic for those who love Star Wars, but the references will not detract from those who do not. Disney has baked in so much of its classic magic into every inch of the land that each guest will have an opportunity to bring plenty of memories home.

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