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Should you plan an entire vacation around Universal Orlando Resort?

Updated: May 16

Universal Orlando Resort's two theme parks and one water park make for tons of content and activities, but how does it compare to other theme park vacations? Can you plan a full trip around only Universal?

Attraction Volume

Even before Universal's new Epic Universe theme park opens in a few years, Universal Orlando Resort provides a ton of experiences for guests to embark on. The parks are filled with new attractions that take advantage of the most modern ride technologies on top of classics that have been in the parks for years. In testing, though my party was able to get a lot of the highlights in both parks done in a single day by using a park-hopper ticket, we did not have time to do every attraction and enter every shop. The wealth of activities Universal provides for its guests is extensive, with shows, shops, dining and a nighttime spectacular adding to the already-extensive number of rides to make for a multi-day experience on their own.

In addition to what the multi-day theme park experience provides, Universal's Volcano Bay water park is more theme park experience than the average water park. For those who want a expansive, immersive water park experience, it does not get better than Volcano Bay.

Even More for Potter Fans

There is an immense amount of activities at Universal Orlando Resort for those who are not involved in the Harry Potter fandom, and so there's even more to do for those who are. Details in shops and attraction queues are enough to fill large portions of the day with free activities in both Harry Potter lands, and adding paid experiences only ups the ante.

The wand experience in particular is a must-do for Harry Potter fans at all levels. Starting with either a show at Ollivander's Wand Shop or browsing of the gigantic store inventory, purchasing your favorite wand leads to a scavenger hunt across Universal's two theme parks. Guests with wands can perform special movements at locations across both Harry Potter lands to cast spells and make the lands move around them. It is a genuinely fun and involved experience for guests of every age, and is worth taking time out of your day and more.

The Verdict

Even its theme parks alone allow Universal Orlando Resort to make for a multi-day vacation experience, and that is before adding in water parks and all the additional activities for Harry Potter fans. While going for a single day is a viable way to experience the very best the parks have to offer, a full vacation stay is the best way to maximize all of Universal's fun.

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