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Magic Kingdom Park’s Greatest Moment

Everyone has their traditions when taking a vacation to Walt Disney World® Resort, and everyone has moments where it finally feels like they have arrived to their vacation home.

But the atmosphere created in Magic Kingdom® Park may create that moment better than any other place in the world, and it starts the second after passing through security. The park’s gates, like curtains for the show beyond, are as iconic as Disneyland® Resort’s, successfully hiding the adventure within that anticipation can’t help but build about.

The proceeding moment is my favorite, as the rush into the park reveals the gorgeous castle at the end of the street, thick scents of sweets and coffee coating the air. There’s an inexplicable, contagious energy to those first few minutes in the park, with the dropping jaws of new guests signaling that memorable moment as a first-timer, and the contagious excitement of returning guests finally realizing that they’re back home.

As the Main Street, U.S.A.® Area unfolds with some of the parks’ best entertainment and Cinderella Castle‘s breathtaking expanse signifies and endless amount opportunities where the lands split around it.

And that is when Magic Kingdom® Park is at its absolute best, when that entrance moment comes to a halt and you’re surrounded by everything the park has to offer. All of Walt’s ideas, all the thrill of rides and shows and all the promise of new memories feel tangible at that moment.

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