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How to properly thank awesome cast members

Updated: May 16

Cast members, the official title for Disney’s theme park employees, are a large part of what makes Disney vacations so special. While yes, it is their job to make your vacation as pleasant and memorable as possible, many cast members will go above and beyond expectations and will help create those truly magical moments that will stick with your family for years to come. Fortunately, as a guest, there are a few ways that you can help those cast members receive official recognition for elevating your vacation to the next level, and they’re all so easy that it won’t hamper your vacation experience. While you can always be kind and just say thank you, which are both undoubtedly appreciated gestures, these official thank you messages get seen by their leaders and sometimes other higher-ups, giving them much-needed assistance when going for their next promotion.


Tweeting about an excellent cast member in the right way is also one of the easiest ways to help them get officially recognized for their outstanding work. All you have to do is type a tweet that includes:

  1. @WDWToday

  2. #CastCompliment

  3. The cast member’s first name, where you encountered them, and what they did that was so awesome.

It’s super simple, and since Disney manages the @WDWToday account, those cast compliments go straight to that cast member’s files.

Get in Touch with Guest Communications

There are a number of ways to contact guest relations once you get home, and doing so can let you give those special cast members a more personal message. Handwritten notes are always a huge deal, but there are other ways you can get in touch as well. Just as on Twitter, make sure you tell guest communications the cast member’s name and work location. You can contact them by:

  1. Email –

  2. Phone – (407)-824-4321

  3. Address – WDW Guest Communications, PO Box 10,040, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040

The Guest Service Fanatic Card

This is arguably the most substantial way to thank a cast member. It gets put on their file, much like the other thank you methods, and it also gets brought up at team meetings in front of everyone. It’s an enormous deal to receive one of these, and all you have to do is go to Guest Relations at the front of any park and ask to fill one out. They’re a big deal and go a long way for any advancement that cast member may one day try to make.

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