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How to prepare for a safer vacation

Updated: May 16

Travel, when accessible, has undoubtedly been different this year. Fortunately, Walt Disney World® Resort has taken precautions so that guests can travel as safety as possible, but there are still preparations parties can take in advance to make for both a safer and smoother experience. Packing set items in advance can help maintain the safest possible vacation for as long as precautions remain necessary.

Bring Multiple Masks

Through testing, we have found that the magic number of  masks for guests to bring on vacation is four. This way, each person can have two masks in a day, so if sweat, rain or fatigue affects the first mask, switching to a backup can bring a ton of relief. In the evening, wash the masks in the sink of your resort hotel room and let them dry over the next day while taking the second pair of masks to the parks.

Disney has updated its mask inventory with new designs for the season, with several Halloween options having been added to the previous roster. Disney masks fit snug and comfortably and are great for theming outfits, making them the perfect practical souvenir if you are in need of additional masks.

Pack Wipes

Alcohol-based wipes are great for cleaning surfaces before eating or sitting in a new location. Granted, cast members have done a phenomenal job with keeping surfaces clean, but as the parks get busier, there will be less turnover time for available seating. You can help keep areas clean and keep families  safe by cleaning up after yourself, but may sometimes have to clean before you sit down as well.

Be Aware of Bathrooms

If you are new to the parks or are visiting for the first time in a while, it is a great idea to study maps beforehand to have a general knowledge of where bathrooms are located so everyone in your party can keep their hands clean. While hand sanitizer is great  in between bathroom stops, it is not a total replacement for washing your hands.

I will maintain that my own trip to Walt Disney World Resort is still among the times I have felt safest outside of my own home, but in order to ensure that you feel that same safety and maintain the ever-desired sense of magic, you must take preparations prior to leaving.

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