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How to get a Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance boarding pass in 2021

Much like Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure at Universal Orlando Resort, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance still requires a virtual boarding pass in order to ride. There is no standing in line without a pass, and the method of getting one has slightly changed over time. So what is the best way to get one now?

Passes open at both 7 a.m. and 1 p.m., so you have two opportunities to earn one. There are differences to each, as the 7 a.m. does not require you to be in the park, while the 1 p.m. one does.

In order to get a pass at 7 a.m., you must have a park reservation that day for Disney's Hollywood Studios®. Log on early to the Disney World mobile app—I generally recommend around 5 minutes so as not to miss the pass opening time slot—and scroll down the home screen to where it indicates you can request access to the Rise of the Resistance virtual queue. Right when the clock switches to 7 a.m., click join and proceed through the following screens.

The important trick is to be quick and to avoid hesitating. In the event that you get to the party selection screen and do not see your entire party, proceed with what party members you do see and visit guest relations when you arrive at the park—they will be able to get the rest of your party members into the same boarding group as those who were able to get in.

You should limit the number of party members attempting to get into the pass selection screen at once in order to avoid errors with multiple of you trying to select each other at the same time. Rather, have one person attempt to get the pass, and if you are anxious about getting in, have a second with the app open on standby in case of technical difficulties.

Though I generally recommend using cell data over wifi for guaranteed speed purposes, I see a lot of other tricks floating around the internet and social media from time to time. Ultimately, there is no such advantage that can put you ahead of others also trying for a virtual pass spot. It is simply based on who submits first, and there is no way to trick the system.

For the 1 p.m. pass, you must be in Disney's Hollywood Studios. Otherwise, the process remains the same. Do note that I have found it easier to get a pass at 1 p.m. than 7 a.m., so it isn't worth stressing if you miss the first pass window. Just set a silenced alarm to notify you a little before the passes go live, and wait on the side somewhere so you're ready when it is time.

If you obtain a pass, you will receive a notification when it is your party's turn to ride. Head to the entrance of the attraction in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and get in line to ride.

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