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How to get a boarding pass for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Due to the popularity of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, one of Disney’s most immersive and innovative attractions to date, Disney has implemented a special queue system in order to minimize wait times.

As of the time being, there is no traditional line or FastPass+ selection available for the attraction in Walt Disney World® Resort or Disneyland® Resort. Instead, guests must download either the Walt Disney World Resort app or the Disneyland app before entering into the park.

Guests then must line up outside the park, as park greeters will start letting guests in early. It is important to keep up with park operating hours, but traditionally, Disney’s Hollywood Studios® has opened and begun pass distribution at 7 a.m.

Guests who entered the park early will be given a set area to wait in, where, when prompted over the park’s announcement system (typically starting at 7 a.m.) they can acquire passes.

For the optimal experience, guests should have the app open before the pass distribution time begins. Boarding passes are given to the entire party at once  on a first come, first serve basis, so it is important to ensure the entire party is linked together on My Disney Experience.

After opening the app, guests will see a selection to learn more about Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. Select the available button.

Guests will then see two options. If it is prior to the pass distribution time, then “Join Boarding Group” will be grayed out, and getting it to become available at the distribution time requires restarting the app. Instead, guests should select the red “My Status” button.

Guests will then be taken to a final screen, with an additional “Join Boarding Group” button. When the distribution time begins, simply pull downward on the top of the screen to cause it to refresh, thus making the button available. Select it, and get passes for the party.

On the previous screen, the app will show the party’s boarding group number, as well as the group numbers that are currently boarding. Boarding times may fluctuate, but the app will notify you when your group is called. At that point, your party has two hours to head to the line in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to be able to ride.

Guests will be asked to wait in the standard ride queue at that point, but it is typically significantly shorter than average attraction wait times.

Boarding passes cannot be selected until guests enter the park. All guests in the park at that time are given equal opportunity at obtaining a boarding pass, but lining up an hour or two in advance can drastically increase your chances at entering the park before the distribution time begins. You can leave the park after obtaining your boarding pass and return later when your group is called.

A limited number of groups are guaranteed to be called throughout the course of the day, and those handed a pass after that number will be placed into what is known as a backup group. Those in backup groups are not guaranteed to be able to ride that day, but has typically been compensated in such an event, so that they may ride the following day.

The higher your boarding number, the earlier your group will be called. Frequent testing has shown that all boarding passes for the day are typically distributed within an hour of pass distribution time beginning, though times may fluctuate.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is open in Walt Disney World Resort, and is scheduled to open on Jan. 17, 2020 in Disneyland Resort.

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