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How to bring Disney World home when you can’t go to the parks

Updated: May 16

The anticipation before a Walt Disney World® vacation is always the one of the hardest parts of the journey, and unknowns regarding the parks’ reopening make that wait even tougher. But even despite having to wait for the next vacation, there are things you can do at home to help bring the parks to life.

Virtual Rides

Guests and content creators alike have recorded POV-style ride-throughs of every attraction the parks have to offer. You can watch these videos on YouTube from your living room or bedroom to envision your favorite attractions.

This is a great tool for younger guests or those unsure if they want to ride the bigger attractions, as they can get a visual representation of what they’ll be seeing when they finally get back to the parks.


Disney’s online store offers many souvenirs from the parks, and is still shipping to homes. The online store regularly runs promotions and sales, so checking back often might lend itself to the perfect gift or self-treat to help the wait until you see the parks again.

The Imagineering Story

The Imagineering Story is one of Disney+’s most engaging and fascinating original projects. One of the best documentary series to hit streaming services in recent years, it delves into the full history of the Disney parks. Few accounts are as complete and detailed, and few series have ever delivered the emotions that come with a Disney vacation as this one does.

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