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How many days should you spend on each park in Walt Disney World Resort in 2021?

Updated: May 16

Photo courtesy of Brian McGowan on Unsplash

Walt Disney World® Resort's four theme parks provide a lot of content before you add in trips to Disney Springs, time in your resort hotel, time going to water parks and the various other activities on Disney property.

Choosing how many days to spend in each theme parks helps you get the most out of your Walt Disney World Resort vacation. While our travel agents have resources to help customize an itinerary to fit your specific needs, here are some recommendations on how many days to spend in each park.

Disney's Animal Kingdom®

Disney's Animal Kingdom is currently one of the best versions of itself, though missing some of its shows means the longest attractions of the day are currently not a factor in your schedule. For most families, all the attractions in Disney's Animal Kingdom can be experienced in a single day, and many of the attractions can be experienced multiple times.


Epcot's World Showcase, especially when festivals are running, generally makes for a full-day experience. Even as I have become a local, I find myself spending entire days at the park. As the front half of the park continues its transformation; however, it is relatively easy to ride most of its attractions before World Showcase is fully accessible for the day.

I anticipate Epcot will become the predominant two-day theme park once its construction is complete, but until then most families should find one day perfect for seeing most of its sights. Those who want to experience a lot of what the festivals have to offer and still want to play in the rest of the park may still want to consider two days.

Disney's Hollywood Studios®

Disney's Hollywood Studios is full of attractions and new lands, and it is possible to see it all within a single day while most shows are still unavailable (much like Disney's Animal Kingdom). Wait times can get long for some of the park's newest attractions and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance still requires a limited-issue boarding pass. If you want to maximize your chances at riding those special attractions or take in all of the shops and intricate details of the new lands, you may want to consider two days in the park or park hop to another location after the first half of day two.

Magic Kingdom Park®

Part personal preference, part emotional attachment and part out of necessity, Magic Kingdom Park has always been the park I have chosen to be my two-day park above all others. A near-endless amount of attractions and some of the most repeatable ones on property. If you can only go to one park for more than one day, Magic Kingdom Park is the one to pick.

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