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Harry Potter and Puss in Boots bring new Universal experiences

Much of Universal Orlando Resort's offerings are headlined by some of their most iconic characters, a fact seen down to the details and smaller experiences in the parks.

Harry Potter and Puss in Boots highlight two new such experiences, letting guests interact with their franchises in new ways.

Harry Potter

Thirteen new interactive wands have arrived to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Each of Universal's parks get one of their own designs, meaning Universal Orlando Resort has an exclusive wand design.

A new set of lore posted in store attempts to match guests' personalities with one of the new wands, rather than using the previous calendar. They come with a paper containing their relevant piece of lore, and are set to replace the old, non-character-based wands.

Both the old and new wands cost $63 each, and interact with various spell points throughout the Wizarding World of Harry Potter parks. The old wands are available exclusively at Ollivander's while supplies last.

Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots has turned Universal Studios Florida's Shwab's Pharmacy ice cream shop into a "Milk Bar" to celebrate the character's new film. Three new speciality milkshakes, themed after the movie's characters, are the star of the show here.

The new milkshakes include the cookies-and-cream Kitty Softpaws Tuxedo, coffee-and-Dulce-de-leche Puss in Boots Cafe Con Leche and the peanut-butter-rich Perrito's Minty PB & Chip.

Each milkshake costs $9.99.

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