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Everything new with Disney Cruise Line, including departures from New Orleans

Disney Cruise Line has departed from ports all over the world, and starting in 2020, it’ll be adding a new port in New Orleans, a city already loaded with cruise ship departures. The Disney Wonder, which had its maiden voyage in 1999 as Disney’s second ship, will slide perfectly into the new port. Cruise itineraries can already be viewed for 2020, and guests can already start booking, with agents on standby and prepared to help.

That same ship, the Wonder, will be taking two separate trips to Hawaii in 2020. While one of those trips will depart and the other arrive in Vancouver and not the new addition of New Orleans, it marks the ship’s first venture to Hawaii in five years.

The other three ships have departures and destinations of their own, but all three of them will depart from Florida. The Fantasy and Dream will set off from Port Canaveral and will sail across the Bahamas and the Caribbean, and the Magic, following some of those same destinations, will be departing from Miami.

Just after all of these new additions are done being implemented, Disney will set sail the first of its three new ships. It’s set to launch one in each of 2021, 2022, and 2023. While not much has been made known to the public about the new ships yet, including their names, Disney has revealed that they’ll be the biggest ships so far and will run on liquefied natural gas, an extremely clean burning fuel.

Disney’s new announcements for 2020 are just the tip of the iceberg for what it has planned for the future, as it’s set to bring in a host of changes that will revolutionize its own fleet, and maybe the rest of the industry, too.

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