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Disney ticket prices are changing to reflect crowd levels

Updated: May 16

Those who have bought single-day tickets to Walt Disney World® Resort in the past will have experienced tiered pricing, where depending on whether guests were visiting during low-traffic, regular, or peak times, the price of tickets would fluctuate. Starting on Oct. 16, 2018, those options will be available to guests staying multiple days as well, meaning that depending on when you go, your tickets could be a little bit cheaper.

The price given to guests will depend on what the price is for the first day the tickets are bought. In order to receive the tiered pricing, you have to commit to a set number of days for your trip. Those tickets will then be given a certain range of dates in which they can be used, meaning they don’t necessarily have to be used on back-to-back days. Guests unable to select a specific number of days in advance will still be able to buy park tickets, but will have to do so at peak pricing.

Unlike now, the pricing for all parks will be the same. The lowest price point for each park will be raised slightly to match that of Magic Kingdom Park®, but for multi-day visitors, the opportunity to save money is still very much there. Just like if you bought tickets now, the longer you stay, the less tickets will cost for each individual day.

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