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Disney offers new deals for spontaneous summer travelers

Updated: May 16

The prospect of taking a spontaneous trip during the summer months is an exciting one, with vacation time abundant and students out of class.

Disney seems to understand the desire of spontaneous travelers, and has developed a new limited-time deal to help people travel on the cheap.

The new deal comes in the form of a ticket that offers admission to all four Walt Disney World® Resort theme parks and both water parks. Titled the Summer One World Ticket, the deal will include a separate admission for each of those destinations.

It works differently than a usual ticket, where standard passes are good one for day each, and additions to them can allow guests to switch between parks on the same day. Instead, this deal looks at tickets as entrances to parks. Guests can thus enter multiple parks in the same days, or spread park visits to different days, but each destination can only be entered once regardless of schedule.

Those interested can start buying the tickets for $444 on June 4, and have until Aug. 23. The tickets are good until Aug. 28, so they will not be available to use once Galaxy’s Edge opens.

For those who wish to take a last-minute trip to Disney’s parks over the summer, $74 remains a steal.

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