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Dining Review: Story Book Dining at Artist Point with Snow White

Updated: May 21

Artist Point at Disney's Wilderness Lodge saw a transformation just a few years ago into Story Book Dining at Artist Point with Snow White, where the old interior was transformed into a mystical forest of floating lights and mischievousness from Snow White, Dopey, Grumpy and the Evil Queen. At $65 per adult and $39 per child, we walked into this elevated character dining experience hoping it would offer all the idea and the price offered.

In short, our expectations were exceeded throughout the night, making this restaurant an easy recommendation to adults-only parties and families alike. A restaurant best experienced with other guests in your party, the characters make for excellent interactions and the style of dining makes for great conversation.

The meal begins with a selection of tapas-style starters, where every guest receives a small portion of Wild Mushroom Bisque with chive oil; Wicked Shrimp Cocktail with Bloody Mary Vinaigrette, Seaweed Salad, Spiced House-made Seasoning and Hunter's Pie with turkey and chicken, cranberry preserve and crispy sauerkraut, served on a flaky pastry. All three were excellent and rich with creative flavors, but the Hunter's Pie was so good we could have had three. The proteins were all cooked particularly well, with a tender meatball on the hunter's pie and a perfectly prepared shrimp on the cocktail that started the dinner off with an excellent trend we would see throughout the night.

The decadent entree menu offers well-themed selections for both meat and non-meat eaters alike, and this course is where the restaurant truly shined. We've commended Walt Disney World® Resort restaurants for providing excellent pork-based dishes time and time again, and this Artist Point menu shines among the best.

Magic Mirror's Slow-braised Pork Shank is among our favorite Walt Disney World Resort entrees. A significant portion, the pork was so melt-off-bone tender that a standard fork almost seemed like it wasn't quite delicate enough to handle such a phenomenally crafted dish. The sweet-and-sour gastrique offset the heavy richness of the pork and its bed of dense, greens-laced polenta, cementing this as a dish we tell everyone they have to try.

Salmon served as the sustainable fish during our trip, and it was prepared as perfectly as the pork. The bed of risotto brought the same lavish tastes as much of the night thus far, though it made for a nice, slightly lighter option if you're planning on an evening in the heat or simply don't want the enormous portion some of the red meat dishes offer.

The desserts were a lighter affair, and perhaps a welcome one given the size and heaviness of the meal before. Served tapas-style like the appetizers, we received a variety of Snow-White-themed treats including a cookies and cream panna cotta, a gooseberry tart, a dark chocolate apple mousse and a set of chocolates served from a magical chest.

Near the end of our dinner, we were given a token to join the Evil Queen at her station for a photo opportunity. This was one of the more impressive character performances we've seen, and justifies why so many Disney fans are hungry for more villains-themed experiences.

The restaurant's price point and large portions make this the perfect dining experience for fun, special occasions, and we can confidently say Story Book Dining at Artist Point with Snow White was worth its cost moment after moment. This dining experience will move near the top of our suggestions when someone asks for a table service restaurant, and will firmly be on our must-eat list for a long time.

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