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DINING REVIEW: Splitsville in Disney Springs

This old-school bowling alley situated in its own corner of Disney Springs is a two-fold experience that melds bowling with dining, but bucks the tradition of mediocre casual attraction food to create a special, upscaled sports-bar-style menu that is hard to forget.

As Vintage as it Gets

Few restaurants on Walt Disney World® Resort property exude the retro qualities as this one, from its carpets to its lighting. Although it can, in some places, come off like a cheaper bowling alley from a small town, it mostly works and winds up feeling ultimately like a more intimate, family-focused experience than what much of Disney offers. Tables assigned to bowling alleys are large enough for big parties and are situated far enough from one another for groups to not bleed into one another

More than a Meal

While you can enjoy a meal without bowling at Splitsville, the game is half the attraction. Paying $32 a person will land you 90 minutes of playtime, regardless of how your meal is paced around it or how many games you play. Lane numbers not the most expansive, but we had no trouble booking a reservations.Your entire party is meant to share one lane, so bigger parties will get to bowl less. Lanes were well stocked with various sizes of balls, and bumpers and child bowling guide rails were provided. The bowling aspect of the experience is standard, albeit pretty flawlessly handled.

But Best with Food

The bowling is worth the time and money, but where the restaurant most excels is in its food. This upscaled bar-style cuisine is as good as this style of food gets, and you would be remised to want to bowl without dining. Variety is huge here, from party-style appetizers to sushi to pizza to everything in between. Everything we had was great, but by far the standout were the loaded fries: crinkle-cut fries smothered with queso blanco, bacon, ranch and scallions. Whatever is in the queso can be described as nothing other than magic, and deserves the award as the best "I could eat only this for the rest of my life" dish at Walt Disney World Resort.

I also had the edamame and the chicken chopped salad, both of which were great. Everything here is high quality, but it is also enormous. With such an expansive menu, my recommendation is to do what our party did and split a few dishes between the group in between everyone's turns bowling.

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