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Attractions with the best views at Disney’s Animal Kingdom®

Updated: May 16

While every park has its incredible sights, you’ll sometimes have to dig deep to find them on attractions. You won’t have to look quite as far in Disney’s Animal Kingdom®, though. With several of its best attractions featuring outdoor segments, it’s easy to get great views while on different rides.

Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain® Attraction

Much of the park’s marquee roller coaster is too fast to get the perfect view, despite the awesome sights and feelings you get when hitting its biggest drops. That said, the thrill ride still offers one of the most iconic views in Walt Disney World®Resort, and it’s impossible to miss.

Just as the ride reaches the broken tracks around the halfway point, it stops long enough for riders to get a sky-high view of Epcot and many of its surrounding hotels. The view stretches out far, so even if you’re staying away from the surrounding area a keen eye might be able to find your hotel room.

It’s Tough to be a Bug!® Attraction

If you’re wondering why a completely indoor 4D movie is on the list of best attraction views, you’d be right to be skeptical. The best sights aren’t actually in the attraction, but before it. The queue to get into the movie screen walks guests right through the sprawling roots of the Tree of Life®, which by many could be considered an attraction on its own. The show’s line is the best way to get up close to the enormous, man-made tree and its incredible details. It’s one of the most breathtaking sights in all of Disney, and it’s worth walking through the line just to see it.

Kilaminjaro Safaris®Expedition

While the educational value and personality of the cast member on board are incredible features, the real reason most guests ride this attraction is for the obviously stunning views of the handcrafted savannah and all of its animals within. It’s an accurate depiction of a real, albeit much shorter safari, and it’s got the sights to prove it. Since the ride is dealing with live animals, riding early or at dusk are your best bets to get the most out of the scenery, but it’s an attraction so gorgeous that you may want to ride it more than once anyway.

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